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Mental Health Therapy

Older teens, college students, or adults that are having challenges in academics, career, home-life, and/or relationships can now have solutions taking that first step today.

  • Have you had a panic attack or been experiencing anxiety and overwhelm?

  • Have you had recent arguments with your spouse, your older teen, or your adult child who is attending college?

  • Have you had a recent drastic change or past difficult experience in your life and can't seem to cope?

 Do you wish things were different? 

I will create a space for you to feel seen and understood.

A place where you can learn ways to shift the thoughts/ behaviors that have limited you or kept you stuck. 

My tailored therapy approach will be unique to your needs and lead to peace within yourself and in your home.

This does not have to be your story.

Evaluations and Testing

  • I provide Academic Testing for school placement to clients of all ages, from preschool to college. Whether it be to determine Gifted/IQ or to determine any learning disorders or diagnosis. ​My report can be used to get you or your child the appropriate placement, accommodations, and/or services to ensure optimal academic success.

  • Through a Psychological Evaluation I can provide some answers on you or your child's present level of overall functioning, determine any potential diagnoses, and give you concrete recommendations that are a plan of action for what to do next. 

  • Other evaluations I provide include: need for an emotional support animal letter or document (for mental health reasons not service animal certification/vest), clearance for bariatric surgery, or undergoing other procedure where a psychological evaluation is requested.

Coaching and Consulting

Adults, professionals, mental health agencies, and any type of team can finally meet those goals they have left on the back burner. You can perform at your maximum level and live life to the fullest. 

  • Have you wanted to find balance in life?

  • Do you compare yourself to others? 

  • Does it feel like you never have enough time?

Let's take action and crush your goals with the right support and accountability through these services...

  • 1 on 1 ongoing coaching 

  • Level-Up Lunch, a 6 week individual program

  • Psyched Teams one-day team building seminar

My tailored individual life-coaching will be unique to your needs. 

You can level-up and live the vision you have for your life today.​

Clinical Supervision 
Presentations and Trainings

If you are a PsyD, PhD, or Master's in Mental Health Counseling intern or post-doc, I provide clinical supervision services for approval of your clinical hours to obtain the FL state professional license.

Contact me about providing professional presentations or trainings for conferences, workshops, retreats, and events.