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Supervision, Courses and Journals


  • If you are an intern or post-doctoral resident obtaining a  PsyD or PhD in Psychology, or Master's in Mental Health Counseling Dr. Lopez provides VIRTUAL Qualified Supervisor services for approval of your clinical hours to obtain the FL state professional license.

  • If you are a new mental health professional in the field, switching specialties,  leaving the 9 to 5 to start your own practice, and/or licensed in another country or state now seeking Florida Licensure, Dr. Lopez provides MAINLY VIRTUAL clinical supervision, training, and consultation/ coaching services.

  • If you are in a mental health related fields that requires shadowing and supervision with a psychologist for part of your program such as psychiatric nursing, etc. Dr. Lopez also provides VIRTUAL preceptor services.


  • "New Chapter, Same but UPGRADED Me," a one-time seminar on life changes and manifesting results (available live or recorded)

  • "Stress Management/ Self Care for Mental Health Professionals," a one-time seminar for practicing what we preach (available live or recorded)

Other virtual courses that can be scheduled live include...

  • "Ladies Level-Up," a virtual women's empowerment live group/ individual course 

  • "Business Goals Group," a co-ed live group/individual course to take your business to the next level 

  • "Psyched Performance," a one-day or weekend live seminar; can also be ongoing consulting for team-building and optimal  performance of individuals (professional, dance or sports settings)

Can also contact us about virtual or in person professional workshops or trainings as needed about various topics such as

stress management, mental health or others of interest

for conferences, workshops, retreats, and events. 


Green & Beige Aesthetic Illustration Gratitude Journal Cover.jpg

Hi there, I am Dr. Gisell Lopez, PsyD, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Life Coach.

I decided to create this journal to support others with developing and mastering the practice of GRATITUDE, which has completely changed my life and the lives of so many of my clients over the years.

Each page has a quote and a question to guide your writing and focus for the day, because what you focus on expands.

Why 90 days?

Science states in this amount of time doing consistent self-development, people start to note improvements, which can equal years of experience. This, of course, is not a substitute for professional support which can lead to greater, more consistent outcomes.

Roman philosopher Cicero is sourced with once saying, “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others."

May this journal support you in being present and grateful.

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