Supervision and Presentations

  • If you are an intern or post-doctoral resident obtaining a  PsyD or PhD in Psychology, or Master's in Mental Health Counseling I provide Qualified Supervisor services for approval of your clinical hours to obtain the FL state professional license.

  • If you are a new mental health professional in the field, switching specialties,  leaving the 9 to 5 to start your own practice, and/or licensed in another country or state now seeking Florida Licensure, I provide clinical supervision, training, and consultation/ coaching services.

  • If you are in a mental health related fields that requires shadowing and supervision with a psychologist for part of your program such as psychiatric nursing, etc. I also provide preceptor services.

Contact me about professional presentations or trainings for

conferences, workshops, retreats, and events. 

Also ask me about "Ladies Level-Up Lunch," a virtual women's empowerment group and

"Psyched Teams," a one-day team-building seminar.