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Ready to experience relief?

You've come to the right place

Remember a time when feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or hopeless was not the norm?

Don't you wish you had the tools to change that?

Let's start today.

I'm Dr. Lopez, my team and I support people just like you, the motivated professionals or students that have it within them to succeed or have their children succeed. The ones that can live a balanced life.

They just need the support to get there.

Our clients find success, balance, and JOY after being equipped with the answers they need or with the tools for shifting their mindset and taking charge of their lives. 

Many of today's solutions for those seeking support involve trained professionals putting the client in a box and giving them an intervention or untrained people with a focus on continued selling, leading so many to feel hopeless and disconnected. 

We know that your circumstances are unique, so what we do instead is be with you and provide a space for you. 

  • Every step we take is tailored to you and the goals you have in mind.

  • Through our work together you will  achieve your goals.

  • You will heal and eliminate past obstacles.

  • You will discover possibilities that you never imagined.

Out team is committed to supporting our clients in thriving.

My 17 plus years of experience in the mental health field and Doctorate as a  Licensed Clinical Psychologist and the expertise of my team means that you will have the trusted professionalism that you need and deserve. It also means we are involved in ongoing continuing education to ensure the latest research is informing our practice.  

But at the end of the day, you want to work with someone who understands you

and what you are going through, right?

  • We understand you because we know the guilt that comes with seeking success while trying to remain connected to your loved ones.

  • Going through our own life challenges, we know it can feel lonely, hopeless, or frustrating.

  • We continue committed to our own growth through self-development and continued education, experiencing amazing results in our own lives in order to be the best for our clients.

So when we work together you won't just get trained professionals, you'll be with someone who creates a clear space where you can feel seen and understood.

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Appointments and Fees

  • Virtual telehealth appointments are available Monday-Friday.

  • Limited in-person appointments are also available in my Pembroke Pines, FL office and may be required for part of the testing/evaluation services.

  • Fees vary depending on the service recommended. A deposit is required to set an appointment. Payment plans are available for testing/evaluation services.

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