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Evaluations and Testing

  • We provide Academic Testing for school placement to clients of all ages, from preschool to college. Whether it be to determine Gifted/IQ or to determine any Learning Disorders or other diagnosis (such as ADHD, Autism). ​Our report can be used to get you or your child the appropriate placement, accommodations, and/or services to ensure optimal academic success.

  • Through a Psychological Evaluation we can provide some answers on you or your child's present level of overall functioning, determine any potential diagnoses (ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Depression, other mood disorders, PTSD,etc) and give you concrete recommendations that are a plan of action for what to do next.

  • Other evaluations we provide include: need for an emotional support animal letter or document (for mental health reasons not service animal certification/vest), clearance for bariatric surgery, or undergoing other procedure where a psychological evaluation is requested (divorce cases or N648 for citizenship).


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